On an offer hilltop amidst maquis-like felds and wooland (Altitude 207 m)
there are old, restored farm cottages, with wide, far-reaching views over the AVEYRON VALLEY.
The ruins of the lookoot tower take you back to the Middle Age, that is only in the 19th century, the farmer took the name of « Mr Gardes ». In 1965 families arrived from the department of th Aveyron to renovate the deserted hamlet. They were farmers who kept cows and goats for their milk and sheep for their meat. Personally, we started to renovate the hamlet in 1986. Three arabian horses are living harmoniously on the property for the pleasure of your eyes.
Bruniquel one of "The most beautiful villages in France", Penne,
St Antonin noble Val, Puycelci, Castelnau de Montmiral, Cordes, Najac etc...
Remind you that you are in the «Pays des Bastides».